Balancing Touch, Inc.

Theraputic Massage and Bodywork

Cindy Groeninger Jordan, NCTMB

Balancing Touch, Inc.
Theraputic Massage
and Bodywork


California hours
coming soon.

Serving the following locations May, 2018:

Three Rivers, CA 93271

"Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit through Touch."

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California hours coming soon.


Half Hour (1/2 hr) Massage$55
Full Hour (1 hr) Massage$80
Hour & Half (1 1/2 hr) Massage$115

For off-site sessions, there is an additional $25 fee
in addition to the price for the massage.

Payment Method

Prefer cash or check
Will accept MasterCard, Visa, most debit cards, with an additional $5 processing fee.
Returned checks fee $35.

Enjoy the light box in the Balancing Touch waiting room

Gift Certificates

Due to the uniqueness of services provided and scheduling, gift certificates are not available.

Cancellation Policy

Client is responsible for full payment if no show or cancel a massage appointment without 24-hour notice.

Cell Phones

Please turn off cell phones prior to entering Balancing Touch or leave them in your car.


I have chronic shoulder and neck pain due to injuries, and massage therapy plays an important role in minimizing pain and maximizing usage and range of motion. I use Cindy because of her extensive knowledge of anatomy and her ability to zero in on a specific problem right away and work with my chiropractor to make the whole system heal faster and work better. While I like getting a chiropractic adjustment, let's face it - a massage is a lot more relaxing and fulfilling. I always feel a lot better right after a massage, but the results are even more noticeable the next day.

- Phil V

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